Ora Beach Paradise in Central Maluku

Location Ora Beach Ora Beach or Ora Beach is located on Seram Island, Central Maluku. This beach is a tourist beach that has a very beautiful scenery and offers a panorama that is not less enchanting compared to the coast of Lanikai Oahu in Hawaii or Maldives Island.
On the beach Ora available resort-shaped resort stage with natural wooden material that spoils visitors so that the relaxed atmosphere becomes more calm and comfortable. Its clear and clear waters prove that the Indonesian nature has a great beauty, and our task is to guard it.
Ora beach is still a virgin and has not been exposed so it is still well maintained, the number of coral reefs and marine biota are still many. Coral reefs and colorful reef fishes adorn the seabed of Ora beach
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Facilities and accommodation The inn is in a residential area of nearly 40% of which is a house above the sea. Popular lodging in Ora Beach is Ora Beach Resort. The uniqueness of Ora Beach Resort is a floating…

Nias Island Surfing Best Spots

Tourist attractions that are not foreign to tourists one of them are the tourist attractions of Nias Island. Traveling to Nias Island is guaranteed not to be sorry, you will get the satisfaction of an unforgettable holiday. The tourism sector in Nias Island recently showed a very rapid increase. This is supported by the government's efforts to help lift the tourist attractions in Nias Island as one of the iconic tours of the country. Now the tourist attractions of Nias Island is not only crowded by local tourists, not a few foreign tourists are also on vacation to the tourist attractions of Nias Island. It is no coincidence that this Nias Island resort is a favorite of foreign tourists. For tourists, travel is a necessity, and the need can be fulfilled in the tourist attractions of Nias Island.

The beauty of the attractions offered by various attractions of Nias Island varies widely. The beauty of nature and the hospitality of the locals are some of the things that are often found…

Mentawai Surf Camp Paradise

Tourism Potential Mentawai Islands are also quite complete which includes natural mountains, hundreds of flora and fauna endemic, Waterfall, Lake, River, and Sea. Mentawai Islands Sea which became the prima donna of tourism. In Mentawai, there are 71 spot surfing spots, 33 diving spot, and 38 best fishing location. Surfing is one of the mainstay marine tourism attractions Mentawai District, West Sumatra, Indonesia.

This is due to the geographical location of the Mentawai Islands which is directly opposite the Indian Ocean so that the high and great wave characteristic much in demand by surfers of the world. Islands consisting of 4 small islands namely Siberut Island, Sipora Island, North Pagai Island and South Pagai has many Surfing Surfers Best craving of the World Surfers are touted as a paradise of the third surfing world after Hawaii and Tahiti because the average wave in the Islands Mentawai can reach a height of 7 meters so that Surfing Magazine based in Australia crown Mentawai…

The beauty of Senggigi Beach

The beauty of Senggigi Beach
It is not complete if you go on a tour of the island of Lombok without visiting Senggigi beach. Senggigi beach is a favorite tourist destination that has been famous on the island of Lombok, both by local tourists and foreign tourists. You will be hypnotized because of the beauty of this Beach. Its natural panorama is still well preserved.

On this Senggigi beach, the water looks still very clear and clean so you who have hobby dive can enjoy the beauty under the sea. You can see directly without having to dive visible Coral reefs, fish and other ecosystems are still admirable and awake because they have not been touched by naughty hands. This beach has a fairly long coastline stretching approximately 10 kilometers, you can see from the height of the hill above it to enjoy it. To just sunbathing or walking around you can do on this beach. The waves are not big and the charming white sand seemed to forget the exhausting work activities. Cool tropical breeze …

New Place to Live in Yogyakarta

Hello pal, this time I will share information about the tourist attractions in Yogyakarta which again hits and become an attraction for tourists, not only for local tourists only, many also tourists from outside the region and even foreign tourists who visit Jogja just to enjoy the holidays. Maybe you are planning to vacation in Yogyakarta or for you who are in Yogyakarta, then, of course, the article about the list of attractions in Jogja became really fitting for you to read, of course as a reference to choose which location the most fun by your buddy. Here I will share with you a new place to live in Yogyakarta
New Tourism spots in Yogyakarta1. SYSTEM STONE SONGGO SKY
This is one of the new tours in Yogyakarta which again rises, because although fairly new but enthusiastic enough visitors who come to him. There are many cool and recent photo spots that are there, from wooden houses, Tower of View, to unique hobbit houses. With these cool photo spots that make visitors engrossed in…